Collection: Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths are often used to express condolences for the bereaved and commemorate a life that has passed. They are sent as a sign of respect to the deceased, their family, and friends. Sending a funeral wreath is also seen as an act of remembrance for those that have lost someone dear. The traditional form of funeral wreath is circular, representing the eternal cycle of life and death. In addition to their symbolic meaning, floral wreaths are a beautiful display that adds colour and beauty to a funeral service or wake.

Send Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths can be sent from anywhere in the world - including Australia - as long as they are sent in time for the service. offers a funeral wreath delivery service to all metropolitan cities in Australia, and can help you select the perfect wreath to express your sincere condolences. We offer wreath delivery directly to the funeral directors, churches and cemeteries, so you can be sure that your thoughtful gesture will arrive in time for the service.

Funeral wreaths are also a wonderful way to show support for those in mourning, and they can be kept and displayed as a reminder of the deceased, it will be a lasting reminder of the love and affection you hold for your departed one. Flowers bring beauty, comfort and warmth to any funeral service - so choose an arrangement that will help you honour the departed in style.