Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements and Their Purposes

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements and Their Purposes

When it comes to coordinating a funeral for a loved one, there are so many different things that need to be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. One of the biggest parts of the process, though, is purchasing the wide variety of funeral flower arrangements that are available. There are quite a few different funeral flower arrangements that are used and each of them have their own purpose and objective. Being able to identify each one is important, especially when you have to purchase the flowers for a relative, friend or co-worker that has recently passed away.

At the bottom of the totem pole of funeral flower arrangements is the standard floral basket. In most cases, these are the baskets and basic arrangements that many customers will purchase primarily for friends, relatives and anyone else that they have known that died. You will usually see them come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. There is even a wide variety of floral arrangements with different colours and types of flowers to match the personal preferences of the actual customer. During the actual funeral, all of these floral baskets and arrangements are placed around the casket while others are even placed directly on top.

 As mentioned earlier, there are usually floral arrangements and baskets that are placed around and on top of the actual casket. However, there are also interior pieces and arrangements of funeral flowers that are used to surround the body of the deceased within the casket itself. In most cases, close relatives of the deceased will pick these flowers specifically – especially if they would like for the deceased person to be holding some of them in their hands while inside of the casket.

Another funeral flower arrangement is referred to as a casket cover, which is also referred to as a casket spray. These covers are beautifully customized floral arrangements that are placed directly on top of the actual casket. In the vast majority of cultures that are found around the world, the casket cover (or spray) is also purchased directly by the actual family members. Whether you decide to purchase these covers in half or full sizes is up to you. In most cases, though, a full-length casket spray is used for any wakes or funerals that are close casket. However, this can change at any time and is solely depending on the wishes of the family of the deceased one.

Due to their standard size of up to three feet as well as their unique shapes, standing easels (also known as standing sprays) are also used in funerals usually to hold a framed picture of the deceased one and is placed close to the actual casket. If the family decided to have a memorial service without the body being present at all, the easel is usually the centerpiece and major focal point of the event and it is surrounded by all of the other floral baskets and funeral flower arrangements available at that time. The shape of the standing easel may vary depending on the preferences of the family. While some decide to choose the heart easel for this picture, others might choose either a cross, triangle or just a standard easel without any unique shape or structure. When it comes to floral arrangements and flower baskets, the easel could easily be decorated with a hanging floral arrangement. On the other hand, there could also be flowers and other floral arrangements or bouquets arranged in the corners of the frame – especially since this visual aid will be a major focal point during the services. Even if the funeral attendees are not able to see all of the floral baskets or funeral flower arrangements that are surrounding the casket or placed within it, they will more than likely get a chance to see the flowers used on the standing easel.

Two more types of funeral flower arrangements that are commonly used are table and vase arrangements. When directly compared to funeral floral baskets, a table and vase arrangement is designed to be given away by anyone directly to the family of the deceased loved ones. This particular type of floral arrangement is much smaller in size than standard floral baskets, however. In most cases, the company that designs and coordinates these arrangements will do so based on what they have learned about the child’s personality. This usually calls for them to interview the family of the deceased and even share their ideas for the vase and table arrangements.

Another funeral flower arrangement is known as a floral wreath. As is the case with the vast majority of floral wreaths, they are circular in shape and vary in size. The reason why there are usually wreaths at funerals is because of the fact that wreaths symbolize eternal life. Even though they are relatively similar to the vast majority of holiday wreaths, they are not as adorned and decorated as holiday wreaths. wreath-1In most cases, they are dignified in nature and are directly placed both on the doors of the actual funeral homes as well as the designated places of burial for the deceased.

Even though you have creative control when it comes to the types, sizes and colours of flowers that can be used in most funeral flower arrangements, the traditional use of these particular options is pretty standard in nature. There are quite a few floral shops that create these arrangements and bouquets in traditional, brick-and-mortar stores but they are also designed and sold in online stores and websites as well. When it comes to understanding which type of funeral flower arrangement is the most suitable fit for different funerals, you can trust in the guidance and recommendations of our funeral florists or the funeral home director and respective staff members since they have already acquired a lot of experience and knowledge from past funerals and memorial services that they have hosted.

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