Sending Funeral Flowers - A Brief Guide

Sending Funeral Flowers - A Brief Guide

When dealing with the passing of a loved one, many people experience difficulties coping with the loss. People cope with the loss of a loved one in many different ways, though the best way to keep someone in your thoughts is presenting a compassionate gift to them to help them get through difficult times. Funeral and sympathy flowers can help commemorate the memory of the deceased and present a form of support for the family in mourning. There are many options out there for respectful and compassionate funeral or sympathy flower arrangement. Many of these options, in fact, can allow the recipients to honour the memory of their loved one in many ways. A standard funeral or sympathy flower arrangement is the most common choice to use in times of mourning. Some people get what are known as planter baskets, a flora gift basket of planter plants that can be planted to always honour the memory of the deceased. Flower gifts for people in mourning are some of the more versatile floral gifts out there. Not only can family and friends offer support with a floral gift, but close acquaintances, co-workers and associates can provide their support in their own way with these flower arrangements. They're essentially an appropriate enough gift for anyone who wants to support someone in mourning.

Flowers for funeral and sympathy arrangements

Like many other floral arrangements, the type of flowers that you choose will influence the message behind your arrangement. While funeral and sympathy flowers are traditionally somber in tone and color, recent times have opened up these arrangements to a wider selection of flower and colour options. Lilies are the most common flowers used at many funeral services. They're mainly used to symbolize the innocence or purity that was restored to the soul of the deceased loved one. Many white lilies can effectively express sympathy, especially when conveying the aforementioned message. Carnations are another popular sympathy flower choices. Carnations in various colours represent different meanings: red represents admiration, pink represents remembrance and white represents purity and love. Chrysanthemums are popular funeral flowers in Europe and parts of Asia, since they represent lamentation, grief and death. While these flowers represent truth in the United States, they are still very much reserved for many funeral and sympathy arrangements. Gladioli, when arranged in a fan, can represent strength, sincerity and moral integrity, which can bring much needed strength during a funeral service. Other flowers that work well in funeral arrangements include the xeranthemum (eternity/immortality), cyclamens (departure), forget-me-nots (memories) and marjoram (consolation).

Arranging funeral and sympathy flowers for loved ones

The idea of sending a funeral and sympathy floral arrangement to loved ones naturally dates back to the distant past, during times where the deceased were blessed with various fragrant flowers and herbs. Flowers in funerals are commonly used to embellish the casket and the burial site, their presence providing comfort to the attendees who are in mourning. Choosing flowers for a funeral and sympathy arrangement is much like choosing flowers for other arrangements, though involves keeping the grief of your grieving loved ones in mind. You can choose flowers by selecting flowers to suit your recipients. Try thinking about the types of colours, textures and sentiments that they like. You don't want to send an arrangement that might convey the wrong message. It's a good option to opt with colours and sentiments that invoke comfort and a hopeful air, though some might prefer a more charismatic arrangement instead. You should also take care and talk to the funeral home to check for any associated religious affiliations or requests of the deceased's family. It's always the right call to respect the religious affiliations of the family or individual you're gifting as you don't want to offend them. Depending on how close you are with the deceased, you have several arrangement options for funeral and sympathy flowers:

If you were an immediate family member, you can select an appropriate spray arrangement with your family to play atop the casket.
If you knew them personally, you can choose most arrangement types, as long as they respect their personal affiliations and/or preferences.
If you had a close relationship with them, a tribute arrangement works best, especially if it reflects their personality and the important aspects of their life.
If you're not close with the deceased, a standard floral basket is an appropriate gift.

You can choose to order the flowers from, provided you get the order in before the funeral service starts. If you're just purchasing a gift, you can have those flowers delivered during the week of the funeral services. Local funeral florists may be able to provide more localized advice regarding what type of flowers to use in a funeral arrangement. They can even inform you about any local trends or traditions that may befit funeral services being conducted in their particular area. Don't forget to always provide a florist with enough information about the funeral proceedings, including the service day, location and time. If you want to send a personalized message, give them the message that you would like embossed onto the floral card. You can also place an order for funeral floral arrangements online, particularly if you're not especially close to the funeral proceedings. Many online flower delivery services provide plenty of options regarding the type of funeral and sympathy floral arrangements that you can get for the deceased and the family in mourning. While it's easier to order the flowers a day or two in advance, it's better to order earlier to guarantee that the flowers will be delivered on time, despite the circumstances. Purchasing funeral and sympathy flowers are a great way to show your respects to the deceased, while giving a sense of comfort and gratitude back to the family in mourning. In recent times, there are more options to help you select the right floral arrangement for funerals and times of grieving. With the many options out there today, it's easier than ever to find the right funeral and sympathy arrangement.

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