How to Organise a Funeral in Australia

Even though it is not the most pleasant of occasions, the need to plan and organise a funeral in Australia still arises and must be handled accordingly whenever they do. Whether you would like to admit it or not, the time may come for you to help organise a funeral in Australia. Therefore, being prepared for those unexpected and unforeseen occurrences now will help lighten the emotional and financial load later, which is why fully understanding everything involved now is so important.

Prepare by Planning a Prepaid Funeral

The vast majority of families make the decision to discuss all of their choices for the style and type of their funeral in advance so that the funeral director will have an accurate and up-to-date record even before the person has died. This is a great solution for elderly people as well as terminally ill patients that expect their own timely deaths to come soon. The customer is then able to pay for everything at that time after providing a detailed explanation of their preferences and wishes, preventing their family and friends from being exposed to any financial or mental burdens when it comes to putting everything together upon their death.

What is Included with a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

One of the biggest questions that the average consumer might have when considering whether or not to invest in a prepaid funeral is everything that is included within this type of competitive package. Keep in mind that most consumers do not know everything that is included within the standard funeral package, especially if they are drastically limited in past experience and knowledge of other funerals and memorial services paid for over the years.

In most cases, there is a host of different services that come included within the standard prepaid funeral package. These include the initial consultations and expert recommendations & suggestions provided by the funeral directors and staff members as well as the transference of the deceased person’s body from the hospital (or other originating location) directly to the funeral home.

Most packages will also include such services as the attendance of the actual funeral director at the ceremony for guidance and further instruction along with fees and expenses associated with burials, cremations, the transportation of the hearse, floral arrangements for the service, media notices (including obituaries), clergy fees and also any applicable cremation fees as well.

A Consideration of All Expenses

When it comes to determining just how much money is needed when it comes to having a funeral in the first place, there are several expenses that need to be taken into consideration right away. Whether the funeral is prepaid or not, the vast majority of these expenses are included either at a flat rate package deal or a la carte pricing:

  • Requested funeral services (i.e. memorial service, post-service reception, music, etc.)
  • Coffin or casket used for presentation and/or burial
  • Burial plot and associated expenses
  • Grave tombstone or urn for cremated ashes
  • Professional services offered directly by the funeral director and staff members
  • Newspaper notice and obituary expenses
  • Honorarium for religious clergymen (if applicable) and more
  • Floral tributes for the service

Worst Case Scenario

When organising a funeral in Australia, the grim reality is that you are not always going to be fully prepared. Prepaid funerals are great concepts, but not everyone can or will go through with these investments. Therefore, there are several steps that need to be completed in order to organise a funeral in Australia when a prepaid funeral service has not been already been purchased by or on behalf of the deceased.

First and foremost, contacting the funeral home that you desire to work with throughout this tragic and unpleasant experience needs to be one of the very first steps completed. The funeral home director or staff member that is assigned to you will guide you gradually through the rest of the process.

Consider Your Budget Restraints

Before you start to make calls to the funeral home, make sure that you consider the restraints of your budget first. It is important to remember that you may not be able to afford all of the premium options that you may have wanted for your loved one to have for their funeral, which is why shopping around the most competitive package is of the utmost importance.

Never settle for the very first funeral home that either approaches you or even that you find in the local phone directory. Just because the hospital that has the body of your deceased loved one recommends a particular funeral home, for example, does not necessarily mean that you have to choose them. Finding the most competitive price for the overall package instead of a la carte services could end up saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Delegate Responsibilities Accordingly

There are a lot of different duties and tasks that need to be accomplished and completed throughout the overall funeral organisation process overall. Keep in mind that dealing with the estate and personal belongings of the deceased loved ones, for example, need to be addressed and distributed accordingly as well.

The very last thing that you should do is to take the entire weight and burden of these responsibilities and place them directly on your own shoulders alone. The best course of action to take, therefore, would be to assign and delegate these various responsibilities to trustworthy and dependable people in the beginning stages of the overall planning and preparation process.

Timing is an Essential Part of the Process

If you are ever faced with the task of organising a funeral in Australia, one of the most important points you need to keep in mind is the simple fact that timing is everything. Timing is an essential part of this entire process, which is why planning and preparing through investing in a prepaid funeral is the preferred course of action to take. If this is not feasible, focus on making wise decisions and trusting fully in the expertise of the professional funeral directors and experienced staff members that you decide to get involved.

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